About Karool Massage – Philosophy


Karool Massage is a fusion of bodywork methods from around the world. Flowing to firm, invigorating to restful, the massage is a journey with yourself. Inspired in part by the teachings of Brandon Raynor, this method of body work incorporates the best of massage from cultures around the world. Brandon himself traveled the globe, where he studied and lived amongst healers and experienced massage practitioners.

The eclectic range of massage styles, coupled with Jill’s  intuitive approach enables client’s to gain a greater understanding of their body and strategies to help them move towards better balance and health. Research shows that the state of the mind and the nervous system are reflected in the state of the musculature;  body work in turn is a route into the unconscious mind.

A Karool Massage experience can deepen your connection with parts of yourself that you’ve lost touch with.  As the body begins to let go and trust the process,  physical releases, (and sometimes emotional shifts) occur.  The body sometimes stuffs down or swallows the painful moments of ones life’s experiences, and they go somewhere.


The wise but true saying of ‘the issues are in your tissues’ holds true and can be seen in the work of Karool Massage.  But with time the body will soften, and allow a percolation of tension emotion; little by little, slowly, slowly, and with gentle encouragement.   Client’s stay with the breath, with the sensations that emerge during a massage and afterwards (perhaps days later, things are moving, shifting, loosening up).  The feeling in the body can bring clarity as the body becomes less stuck, more fluid, and through time, free.

Prior to my training as a massage therapist,  I spent many years training and engaged in the practice of Iyengar Yoga.  My time as both student and teacher not only taught me the power of the body, but also the breath.  By simply putting your attention on your breath,  you move from your head to your heart.  When we forget to breathe (sometimes on the table, or during times of stress/anxiety) our body goes into an automatic  ‘Fight or Flight’ response.  During the massage, the breath connects us to ourselves, grounding us in the here and now.

imagesPeople come in holding up the sky, holding their breath, holding it all in.  As the massage unfolds the body can’t hold on to all that tension–there are sigh’s of relief, letting  go of the weight of the world, the unwanted stuff we all carry around with us in our day, week, month, year(s).  Karool is a safe place to be the here and now!

A Karool massage can propel people off the fence, a change-agent of sorts for client’s ready to take the leap towards better health.   The work they do on the table, quietly or perhaps with more direction towards healthier choices for body, mind, and spirit.

Most of us can’t afford to have a massage every day, or perhaps even once a month,  it’s important that the Karool client feels empowered to take back their health.  We certainly can’t control everything, nor would you want to, but you can have a positive impact on your health based on making healthy choices; this can come from the food we put in our body, our relationships with people close to us and those we work with.  The way we care for ourselves reflects our inner love–I tell client’s if you don’t care enough about yourself, then nobody else will.  This is hard work, but it’s worth the effort and will pay off on many levels.

Like anything worth doing, you won’t see results with a one off experience, the body and mind need to relearn how to care for itself.  My focus is as a facilitator, a health advocate of sorts; supporting and promoting a pro-active approach to wellness with my client’s. The massage is one method to connect client’s with their true nature, to their breath, to the deeper parts of themselves.  Working together to bring about a place of calm, a freer place within the body and quieter in the mind. Client’s sometimes emerge as if they’ve been in a deep slumber of sorts –they sparkle in their eyes, feel refreshed and lighter.

The clients that continue to work towards better health outside their time on the table are the truehealers, because they’re healing themselves!   And that makes it all worthwhile to me.  Come and give Karool Massage a try, the body awaits you.