KAROOL MASSAGE – Prices/Session times, etc.


Session Times                    Cost

60   min  (1  hr)                               $     95.00
75   min  (1  1/4 hrs)                       $   125.00
90   min  (1  1/2hrs)                       $   140.00
105 min  (1  3/4hrs)                       $   155.00
120 min  (2 hrs)                              $   170.00

Initial Consult – ($20.00)   The first session involves a thorough assessment of client’s health history and strategeis for continued self care.  This is a one time fee.  Complementary to Karool Clients

  • Karool Self Care Strategies – complementary pdf file will be sent post initial massage session.
  • Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the client.  Follow-up by phone and/or e-mail enables client’s to touch base as part of their journey towards wellness.

Subsequent massage sessions vary depending on what is going on with the client.


Sometimes things come up and you can’t make you’re session.   I do understand, but  in order to run a business, I need your help.  Please, can you provide me with 24 hr notice if you need to cancel.  If there is an emergency, you will not be charged.   Please see the specifics below so nobody ends up paying a ‘parking ticket’ of sorts.  I do hate to charge my lovely client’s, but I hope you can understand my situation.

Monday – Thursday ( 9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

Charges apply @ 50% fee when less than 24 hours notice.

Weekday Evenings (5 pm) 

Charges apply @ 50% fee when less than 24 hours notice.

Weekend (Fri. Sat. Sun) –

Charges apply @100% fee when less than 24 hour notice.

Emergency/- No Charge.


Additional Options 

Magnesium Oil Massage – ($5) Transdermal Magnesium  reduces muscle aches and pains, and can improve mood and reduce restless sleep. Rapidly absorbed through the skin, it bypasses the digestive tract, making it a wonderful method for people on the move. The oil is applied to areas of tension.

Pregnancy Induction Massage ($15)  Pregnant women must be 40 weeks in order to receive an induction massage.  Earlier session available with consent from health care team (OBGYN/Midwives).  If you require an after hours or weekend session, please book in advance.images

  • Acupressure and Labour Support –Complementary Self-Care/Acupressure/Labour Support Pdf file will be sent to mothers/couples following the Induction Massage session.  The information outlines specific acupressure methods to facilitate labour as well as comfort and support acupressure points/positions for active birth/labour.  Jill is available for consult if you have any questions pre-labour, during, and post-partum.  Jill is a certified Doula and Natural Childbirth Educator, with advanced training in Breastfeeding support.

Infant Massage –  ($1/minute)  On average, a private infant massage session is 45 – 50 mins. For infants/young babies who have special needs, one-on-one sessions are nurturing and supportive to baby and family. The sessions are tailored to the baby/family’s needs.


General background for Infant Massage –Private Session

  • Please bring items to comfort your bub—warm baby blanket to wrap baby in after infant massge;  diapers, wipes if baby needs a change.
  • Anything else you’d like to bring  (e.g., change of clothes for bub).  Special toy that baby likes to hold is nice if baby is a bit older.
  • Please feel free to speak w/me prior to infant massage session.  Pen/paper if you’d like to take some notes.
  • Infant Massage follow-up – Following the infant/baby massage a  complementary pdf file outlining what was covered in the infant massage session. This information reinforces some of the main point touched on during the session.  However, if you’d like to take some notes, bring pen/paper.
  • A camera is nice to have in case you want to take a few snap shots of baby receiving her lovely massage.

Massage for the Young Child — ($1/minute)  No additional charge.  Young children love this special table time.  The massage encourages what comes naturally to children, and supports their process of relaxation. The massage is safe and nurturing to the child.  Parents are in the room all times and are welcome to participate or just enjoy the tranquility of the moment. Providing a sacred time for the child to embrace relaxation and honour down time is blissful for a young child   Special Events   Weddings, Rock Concerts, Fundraiser and Conferences. Call for pricing and availability.